About McTimoney

The McTimoney technique was developed by the late John McTimoney in the late 1950’s.  The technique was originally developed for use on humans and was later adapted to treat animals.  It is a holistic, non invasive technique which is based on the belief that the main cause of disease and pain is the misalignment of bones.  The technique is extremely gentle and uses nothing but the practitioners hands.  It is the speed and direction of the adjustments that make the treatment so effective.

Horse Skeleton trotting

The nervous system is protected by the spinal column and is responsible for all bodily functions and movement.  Branches of the main nervous system leave the spinal column at intervals between the the vertebrae and innovate every part of the body, therefore the alignment of the vertabrae is essential for this system to work efficiently.

The vertebrae in the spine should all be in alignment in order for optimum performance, health and wellbeing.  A misalignment occurs when the vertabrae is not in alignment when compared to the one in front and the one behind.  When this is the case, that vertebrae becomes fixed within its natural range of motion thus restricting the movement in that area of the spine causing your horse to appear stiff and sore in that area, often with muscle spasms.  A misalignment can cause impingement of the nerves that branch out of the spinal column which could affect your animal in many different ways from muscle stiffness through to lameness.

Misalignments may be caused by both acute and chronic problems.  Acute problems include things such as an accident, a fall or a collision while chronic problems are more longstanding issues, such as conformational compensations, old injuries having caused the animal to alter the way it moves in order to protect the injured area along with poorly fitting tack.